Stream Me Up Livestream-Event as Xmas-Charity

On December 14th, 2020 a newly formed coop between German streamer Rewinside and AEROCHRONE debuted as a charity-stream during christmas-time (developed as part of a new livestream-event series called  „Stream Me Up“). The 3,5-hour-long livestream was hosted by Rewinside (Sebastian Meyer) and Sarazar (Valentin Rahmel).

Among the illustrious guests which competed against each other in various christmas-themed challenges: Pietro Lombardi, Trymacs, Gewitter im Kopf, Papaplatte, Joyce Ilg, Sturmwaffel and many more.

In joint efforts AEROCHRONE and Rewinside account for the idea & concept as well as the project’s operative implementation. The livestream was viewable on the Twitch-channels of Trymacs, Rewinside and Sarazar which amassed more than half a million viewers.

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