NEXT LEVEL VR-Event for Marius Angeschrien

When entertainer and youtuber Marius Angeschrien contacted us with his idea to organize the world’s first VR parcours named NEXT LEVEL and to produce a 7 hour live-show off of it, at first we didn’t really know if something like this could work. After several weeks of intensive preparing with Marius Angeschrien, TypischPassi and our partners from ENTEC it finally worked out: A 26 m long parcours was built and mapped with a 3D-world developed from scratch by Marius. On the 2nd of May 2021 all in all 24 guests like Julian Bam, Rewinside, Kelly MissesVlog, Trymacs, Papaplatte and many more competed with another on the parcours in teams with 3 members each. These teams wore VR glasses and their goal was to get through the parcour as fast as possible. AEROCHRONE carried out the whole guest handling and services on the ground as well as the technical performance of the livestream. With 2,4m viewers in total and 160k CCVs it was a big success – and we’re looking forward to the next NEXT LEVEL!


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